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Introducing Nostradamus, Vagabond Prophet: A Novel of His Life and Time by Allene Symons.
This work of historical fiction about Nostradamus examines how Michel de Nostredame developed his powers for predictions and prophecy, as told from the perspective of his boyhood friend. 


ISBN 978-0-9801165-2-6

230 pages

New edition 2012 (originally published in 1983) 

Who was Nostradamus? Was he a seer, a visionary, or an ordinary man of his time exploring mysticism? This novel about Nostradamus gives the reader the choice of remaining a skeptic or becoming a believer in the power and prophecy he presented to the world.
Through the character of his friend Alain Saint-Germain, we get a glimpse of Nostradamus the man, and how he evolved his prophecies and future predictions. As observed by Alain:
"I raged inwardly at the hypocrisy of people who clamored in the Marketplace for copies of THE PROPHECIES, those who paid coins for his forecasts yet cared only for the fantastical, and when the words were fulfilled, cursed Nostradamus for his verity. They condemned him as a dealer in black magic, yet I had long known him as a man of faith and high aspiration, a devoted husband and enduring friend." 

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